Citta aperta is a project of urban transformation in a gentrified area of Rome, the Valco San Paolo.  The area located on the shores of Tiber is the new planned location for the campus of the second biggest university in Rome, the Roma Tre University.

The Valco Sao Paolo is a later developed area defined by two main roads and the river Tiber. Today it has been gentrified and the new campus is seen as a generator of future change and development.

The campus is designed through a new pathway and axis that leads us from the main road to the river shore. As Rome's dense city structure that grew around churches and piazzas the idea was again to bring the city to the campus and design it as city space for the people on campus as well as for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. The campus structure is organised along the axis that leads directly to the river. On the shore we have located a new ferry station and a covered multi-use space. 


location / Rome, Italy

students / Iva Krolo and Lana Petrak

mentor  / univ. prof. Sophie Wolfrum and Wiss. Mitarbeiter Heiner Stengel

chair / Lehrstuhl für Städtebau und Regionalplanung, Technische Universität München

year / 2012