Hotel Bellevue is a reconstruction of an existing hotel designed by Zdravko Bregovac in 1966. This hotel is one of many built up in the socialist hotel and hospitality construction boom that occured as a reaction of a mass tourism wave on the Adriatic coast. 

The reconstruction perserved the atrial quality of the hotel improving it by creating a passage that connects two sides of the hotel and continues from the lobby through the staircase directly to the sea. The new hotel reinterpreted the calm restraint of it's older version keeping the white facades and nature stone on its elevations.

The most fascinating part of this project is the time frame in which it was finished. The demolition of the part of the hotel began in December 2013, and the first guests arrived in July 2014. The whole project was built and designed in the period of 7 months which required working and desiging on site. To speed things up the whole team from Rusan Arhitektura, consisting of 12 architects, moved to the island of Lošinj for a period od 3 months to work on site. 


location / Mali Lošinj, Croatia

authors / Andrija Rusan & authorial group - Jasminka Rusan, Nikolina Mikuličić, Tihomir Knezić             authorial collaboration / Janko Kralj, Petra Franić, Bruno Krunić, Lana Petrak, Lana Trobentar, Isabel Moreno Moreno, Mateja Nosil.

year / 2014.

online publications / archdaily / designboom / architizer

awards / Croatian Cemex building award 2015 institutional - industrial