niche festival 

The workshop started as a need to enable architecture students from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, and later joined students from Split, to physically work on their projects and however small they are, to build them up from sketch to reality. Also to provide this with minimal funds so anyone can participate.

The workshop took place in Motovun just a week before the Motovun Film Festival which turns the whole city into a series of cinemas and parties. The location for the projects was under the city walls, in the niches that were used to store goods in medieval times. Now abandoned and unused even during the festival they were an ideal location to inhabit with interventions built by the students. The interventions vary from creating small living rooms for visitors and festival goers to art installations.

The workshop opened during the first day of the film festival and was positively received by both the local community and the festival organizers.


location / Motovun, Croatia

organization and tutors / Jana Piacun and Lana Petrak

participants / Ana Sopina,  Darko Šeparović, Denis Rubinić, Andrej Vuk, Luka Cvitan, Iva Kolak, Sandra Perić, Paula Prkačin, Jana Čulek, Marta Lozo, Barbara Vanić, Slavica Polić, Ivana Primorac, Marin Piršić, Lea Anić and Igor Sladoljev 

visiting artists / Kristina Lenard and Ivan Fijolić 

visiting architects / Luka Korlaet and Juraj Glasinović, Faculty of Architecture, University of  Zagreb

year / 2010.