Conversations of space workshop tutored by Alice Lewis and has in fact its foundation resting within her final Landscape Architecture Masters project ‘(Un)Classified Landscapes.

- We are human. Through the process of being we generate space and spatial change.

Personal Space can be solitary or interactive relative to our occupation in relation to other bodies. This garment explores notions of proximity, inclusion and solidarity within the public realm. Through a series of triangulated pyramids that pack neatly into a back-pack, the wearer initially has complete governance over the modality of the garment itself. As the garment expands, through the bodies’ intervention, it becomes almost a necessity to incorporate other bodies for physical support. This instigates different modes of social interaction and proximities between individual bodies, thus exploring the effect of the human form on other similar forms as well back onto its own.


location / Ljubljana, Slovenia

tutor / Alice Lewis 

students / Jan Martin Hopf and Lana Petrak

organised by MEDS WORKSHOP 

exhibiton / In between, curated by Maja Mustač and Sara Salamon

year / 2012.