Re.face was an action dealing with a current issue in Lisabon - a large number of unoccupied and demolished buildings in its neighbourhoods. According to the survey done by the Municipality, Graça ranks fourth place in the survey done throughout Lisbon’s neighbourhoods with a total of 173 empty homes. 

Many of these buildings’ façades and walls are in poor condition, ruined or vandalized. Re.face’s task was to improve the image of the neighbourhood by gathering urban artists, the community (old and young) and the participants from the workshop, to promote a sense of responsibility for taking care of the neighbourhood’s outer face.

On our wall there are 173 white tiles that want to emphasize that fact.They were tiled in one day together with the local residents of Graça and random passersby. With this wall we wanted to raise an awareness. Lisbon due to various factors became one of those cities.
Constant tile theft and tile black markets cause beautiful facades to vanish quickly. Neglect for your neighbourhood and enviroment causes rapid decay of an image of a city. 


location / Lisbon, Portugal

tutor team / Andrej Vuk, Federica Natalia Rosati and Lana Petrak

participants / Aida Botonjić, Sabina Hodović, Senad Alibegović, Arbenita F. Gashi, Erzë Dinarama, Ignacio A. Bocigas Arias, Mahyar Moharramzadeh, Ella Renneus, Kia Lundorff, Paola Sannicandro, Razvan Constantinescu and Sara Dimitrijević.     


year / 2013.

booklet download here

web publications / vizkultura