what if ?

a workshop with Henning Larsen Architects

A one week workshop organised by the Technical University in Munich and tutored by Henning Larsen Architects with guest critic Louis Becker.

The workshop's goal was rethinking the Munich ring - an empty space gradually created as the city outgrew its medieval city walls. The ring still materialises in modern day Munich as a void between the new and old city structure.

Our approach was a question - WHAT IF? What if we just let the ring be, and inhabit it with content and events, rather than building it up?

Through research and a model we created the program for the ring as game - the ring can work as a reinvented city space, a stage filled with versatile events and multifuncional spaces that can be easily inhabited and still perserve the void of the ring.


location / Munich, Germany

students / Veronika Mutalova, Federica Natalia Rosati and Lana Petrak

tutors / Mikala Holme Samsøe, Werner Frosch, univ.- prof. Sophie Wolfrum

school / Faculty of Architecture, Technische Universität München

year / 2012.

publication / süddeutsche zeitung